Environmental Protection is highly rated at Vaid Elastomer Processors Pvt Ltd
Environmental Policy
Environmental Policy at Vaid Elastomer Processors Pvt Ltd Environmental protection is very highly rated at Vaid Elastomer Processors Pvt. Ltd. We recognize and believe in the importance of safeguarding our natural resources and global environmental heritage. VEPPL is committed to environmental protection in every aspect of its business, and has proven that environmental excellence can be consistent with economic health.

In addition to complying with legislative requirements, we diligently apply technically proven and economically feasible measures to advance the protection of the environment

We are dedicated to the implementation of environmentally sound policies and to the continuous improvement of those policies.

          We strictly follow the following norms :
  • Reduction in the use of substances that pose a hazard to the environment.

  • Employ means that boost energy efficiency.

  • Employ technologies that prevent climatic changes.

  • Maintain a complete check on noise emissions.

  • Efficient sewage systems that ensure soil and water protection in the area.

  • Undertaking the recycling of waste material

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