EPDM Heater Hoses and Automobile Radiator Hoses
EPDM – Air Intake and Heater Hoses
 VAID ELASTOMER manufacturers a variety of EPDM hoses/tubes with polyester nylon or Aramid reinforcement according
 to customer's need and specifications.
 EPDM formed Radiator/Coolant/Heater Hoses :
Automobile Radiator Hoses
Material and construction meets SAE J 20 Class D1
Surface Finish: Nylon Tape Wrapped Finish or Smooth Extrusion finish
Reinforcement: 1 Ply of Knitted Nylon 66/ Aramid
Working temperature ranges from -40°C to +110°C.
 Air Cleaner Intake Hoses :
Air Intake Hose
Material and construction meets SAE J200, 3CA710 EPDM
Surface Finish: Smooth Extrusion finish
Reinforcement: Non- Reinforcement Tube
Working temperature ranges from -40°C to+100°C.
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