Be it moulded or extruded, You name it WE make it....

Vaid Elastomer: Manufacturers of Automotive Hoses & Moulded Rubber Components in India. Established in 1996, Vaid Elastomer is one of the leading rubber hose manufacturer of both moulded and extruded products for Automobile and Engineering Original Equipment Manufacturers.

About Vaid Elastomer

Vaid Elastomer is one of India's leading manufacturer of rubber components supplying to major automobile and truck manufact- urers across the globe.

Our Products

Quality Standard

The Q&A department of Vaid Elastomer Processors Pvt Ltd. always ensures that each and every product is of the highest quality.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing facility and corporate office are located in Navi Mumbai, a twin city to Mumbai - India’s financial hub. Spread over 40,000 sq ft, our facility has the capacity to process and manufacture 6,000 kgs of rubber components.

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