Miscellaneous Mouldings – Rubber Gaskets and Bushings
Miscellaneous Mouldings – Rubber Gaskets and Bushings
 Gaskets and Silicone ‘O’ Rings :
Rubber Gaskets and Silicone ‘O’ Rings
These Automotive head gaskets and "O" rings work as a sealing between two mettalic parts of a vehicle.These parts are manufactured from a variety of elastomers like Polyacrylic, Silicone, Nitrile/PVC etc. Such production of rubber gaskets depends upon the end use and temperature.
 Dampers :
Rubber Dampers

Rubber Dampers are used to avoid the Noise, Vibration and Harness in automotives and machineries. At Vaid Elastomer Rubber dampers are generally made in NR, SBR, EPDM, NBR as per the conditions of usage. Rubber dampers are made in such a way so as to achieve excellent dampening properties.

They are an integrate part of two wheelers and work as a shock absorbing element in the assembly.

 Grommets and Bushes:
Rubber Grommets and Bushes

These rubber grommets can be made as per customer demands with neoprene rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, Bruma-N rubber etc. We offer processors design flexibility.

Rubber grommets provides effective and economical noise, vibration and shock isolation with numerous configurations (symmetrical, asymmetrical, ribbed, non ribbed, shear designed etc.). They are used to protect precision parts from dust. Bushes form support system for moving and non moving parts of automobiles.

 Rubber Mouldings with Metal parts:
Rubber Mouldings with Metal Parts
Rubber Mouldings with Metal parts are made from natural to synthetic rubber to support metal part assemblies. Metal parts bonded with rubber are coated with zinc plating to prevent rust formation during prolonged use.
 Rubber Rings:
Rubber Rings
Rubber Rings are made from natural or synthetic rubber which are used in pipe joints in general industries. Sizes vary from 1" diameter (25mm) to 40" diameter (1000mm)

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