Fuel Rubber Tubes and Hoses
Rubber Fuel Tubes and Hoses
Fuel Tubes are mainly used in motorcycles for transmission fuel from carburetor to engine. Other applications include transfer of fuel from fuel tank to carburettor, as breather pipe, over flow pipe, etc.
our single and double layered fuel tubes meet the stringent requirements of low and high temperatures making them shrink proof, heat resistant and highly durable. Available in several colors, our fuel tubes provide the perfect solution for diesel and petrol automobiles and generators
 We use polymers such as NBR / PVC, NBR, ECO, HNBR in the inner layer thus ensuring immense fuel resistance and fuel impermeability. Chlorosulfonated
 Polyethylene (Hypalon) and CR used in the outer layer provide excellent ozone resistance. Manufactured with precision and high quality standards these fuel
 tubes resist embitterment and provide the required flexibility. Heat shield can be provided as per requirement. These tubes can be customised to different Outer  Diameter (OD) and Inner Diameter (ID) for Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG and Vaccum Pipes.
Fuel Rubber Tube with Clips
Hypalon-NBR/PVC Fuel Rubber Tubes for various applications
Fuel Tube with
Fuel Tubes for various
Polyacrylic Fuel Tubes Polyester Braided with Clips
Fluid Transmission Tubes
Polyacrylic Fuel Tubes
Braided with Clips
      Fluid Transmission

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